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Pacer Racer Program 2024 » Session 5

14th February, 12:00 - 16:00

Woollahra Sailing Club

This event is part of the Pacer Racer Program 2024 group.
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Continue your sailing adventure! WSC Pacer Racer Program

WSC Pacer Racer Programme (PRP) The WSC Pacer Race Programme is aimed at people starting to race and get a taste of the 'real thing' and either continue in the class or move on to other craft. Once a person has completed the WSC Pacer Pathway Programme they should be confident and competent enough to compete on a real racecourse. Those people who have done their P's (Pacer Program) should feel equipped to race and move to the R's (Racers).

Pacer Racer Program book here from 12pm to 4pm

  1. Sunday 14 Jan
  2. Sunday 21 Jan
  3. Sunday 4 Feb (28 Jan is a long weekend)
  4. Sunday 11 Feb
  5. Sunday 18 Feb
  6. Sunday 3 Mar (no club racing 24/25 Feb due to Sail GP)

We are keen for you to continue sailing at WSC and have tailored a package for sailors who have completed the PPP. This package includes the use of a Club pacer for 6 sessions - which can be either club racing or unsupported hire. This package includes a special deal on club membership. To hire the club's Pacers, you need to be a club member. The reason for this is we find otherwise that the boats get trashed by non-members unfortunately. Club Membership is an annual fee of $401 with a once off $300 joining fee. This offer includes a pro-rata club membership fee (not usually available) and the Joining Fee is waived as part of this offer. This is what the Pacer Race Package looks like!

Pacer Race Package $434 for 6 sessions which includes use of a Club pacer for 6 sessions $300 pp (4 hours per session) plus Club membership until 1 May 2024 for $134. This is a pro-rata'd membership which is not usually offered. $134 for 4 months, (Jan,Feb,Mar, Apr) of $401pa. $300 joining fee is waived). We need at least 6 people (3 boats for the programme to run)

We use the club's sailors to volunteer to sail with you if you need a crew or helm. We are looking for someone to become the Pacer Representative at the club and co-ordinate the new class and attend the Sailing Committee where all class representatives discuss various issues and opportunities. Please let me know if you would be prepared to do this.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To be used by 1 May 2024
  2. Pacers are booked and paid via the club website. During the holidays, there may be limited availability during the week due to the holiday programs running. These programs finish at 3pm. If the club website is not allowing you to book a pacer, please contact
  3. Complete a membership application available here
  4. People who have taken up this offer can continue their club membership for 2023/24. Our membership year runs from 1 May 2024. Benefits of being a member are listed below.

10 Benefits of becoming a member of Woollahra Sailing Club

  1. You become a member of Australian Sailing as part of your club membership fee goes to Australian Sailing. This gives you an Australian Sailing number which allows you to compete in sailing events anywhere in Australia and overseas. Australian Sailing runs sailing education, Dinghy Instructor and Powerboat Instructor courses and is affiliated to all State, National and World Championships in Australia. It promotes the sport of sailing from a junior and grass-roots level and has a extensive on-line resources. It provides over-arching insurance when you are competing in events. Check out the website:
  2. You are able to sail a boat anytime from the club whether it be crewing, helming or a passenger using the facilities of the club. These include changing rooms with hot showers and a work bench with a vice and Hot Knife for cutting rope.
  3. Attend free social and sailing education events held by the club. This includes monthly BBQs put on by the club after sailing.
  4. Access the knowledge base from World Class Sailors, a Sailing Manager and qualified instructors.
  5. Be a part of a club which has a large range of members who have networks Australia-wide. These members are usually keen to help other members.
  6. Be part of a community not-for-profit club which has a large volunteer base who help out on and off the water.
  7. Enjoy Sydney's biggest playground , Sydney Harbour, of a million square metres for less than $10 a week.(Based on being a crew)
  8. Participate in a safe and active sport that you can enjoy into your nineties.
  9. Engage in a sport which can be physically and mentally challenging or just for relaxation.
  10. Sailing is a sport which can be enjoyed by the whole family at the same time.


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