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Volunteering to help at sailing events

To work alongside the Sailing Calendar for clubs, classes and regattas to use, Restart Sailing have introduced a Volunteering database for sailing events.

Finding volunteers to help deliver sailing events has always been a difficult task for clubs and classes. At the same time there are numerous volunteers looking for events for a variety of reasons. These reasons could be reference events for further qualifications, Career path development, or they just enjoy helping. The new volunteer database we hope will allow both parties to fill the needs of each other.

How to use the service

Any one interested in volunteering can register for a small fee and identify which qualifications they currently hold / what experience they currently have.

Clubs and Class Associations can list their event(s) on the Sailing Calendar where they can identify which volunteer roles they need filling by volunteers who are not part of their usual volunteer teams.

How it works

The system will match qualifications to roles and present registered volunteers with the roles available to them. Registered volunteers can then click to apply for those opportunities. The club or class then receives a list of all the people who could fill their role with the name, the email address and a telephone number. From that point onwards the parties can communicate directly to organise the arrangements.

Why are we doing this

For clubs we hope this will enable them to restart events locally to the benefit of the club, their members and other local/regional sailors.

For volunteers this is the chance to find the elusive opportunities to develop their skills and provide support for our sport.

Qualifications and Experience

Please see below for examples of the qualifications and experience that is typically required and which you can gain.

Experienced Club Mark Layer – Regularly lays marks at club level for club races and open meetings. Is able to use a GPS to position the boat.

RYA Regional Mark Layer – Must hold the RYA Regional mark layer qualification.

RYA National Mark Layer – Must hold the RYA National mark layer qualification.

Experienced Club Race Officer – Regularly runs club races. Has a good understanding of race management at either inland or coastal events, from either fixed or committee vessel start lines.

RYA Regional Race Officer – Must hold the RYA Regional Race officer qualification.

RYA National Race Officer – Must hold the RYA National Race officer qualification.

International Race Officer – Must hold the World Sailing International Race officer qualification.

Experienced Club Judge – Regularly involved as jury or Judge at club level. Has a good understanding of racing rules and would be willing to participate in on line hearings.

RYA Regional Judge – Must hold the RYA Regional Judge qualification.

RYA National Judge – Must hold the RYA National Judge qualification.

International Judge – Must hold the World Sailing International Judge qualification.

Experienced Club Umpire – Regularly involved as an on the water umpire at club level. Has a good understanding of racing rules and would be willing to participate at other events.

RYA Regional Umpire – Must hold the RYA Regional Umpire qualification.

RYA National Umpire – Must hold the RYA National Umpire qualification.

Experienced Timekeeper – An important role within any race team. Whilst there is no official qualification for a timekeeper their knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated. If you have volunteered at your club or locally and feel confident, this is a good chance to develop your skills.

Experienced Scorer – An important role at any event as they supply the results. If you have experience with any of the scoring platforms and would like to offer your help please volunteer. In most cases the scoring can be done remotely meaning little or no requirement to travel.

Experienced Recorder – A person who can take clear and concise notes under poor weather conditions. Interprete sheets, and has experience in recording finishes.

Experienced Beachmaster – An important member of the safety team, has experience in runnig a variety of beach tallies, good communicator to both competitors and organisers.

RYA Powerboat 2 Qualified – Minimum requirement for any functions/roles where you will be responsible for driving a boat.

RYA Safety Boat Qualified – A requirement if you are volunteering to be an Event Safety Officer.

RYA Marine Radio SRC qualified – Many roles require use of a Marine Band Radio. Where communication through a radio is required the volunteer should have this qualification.

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