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Mock UK Optimist Nationals 2021 » Day 7

6th August


This event is part of the Mock UK Optimist Nationals 2021 group.
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Welcome to the event page for the mock nationals.

The UK Optimist Nationals is setup as an "event group" which represents a series of dates on which racing occurs.

In SCM, each racing day is represented by an "event", primarily so that we can support volunteers for duties on each day. Duties can also be set at the event group level, eg. Event Coordinator and Safety Lead.

In this case, only the event group is bookable, but we could have each day as separately bookable to support training events where ppl only want to book one day


We can add news sections in here with formatting and we can also add links IOCA Home page

  1. Any basic HTML like lists...
  2. Bold text
  3. Foreground colours
  4. background colours

The "Downloads", "Dates" and "Book" sections below this are all auto-generated by SCM so cannot be edited.

Image Links and Video

Insert images with hyperlinks to results, sponsors and other documents in an eye catching way. Time to brush up on those HTML5 skills.

You can also use Youtube's "Share->Embed" feature to insert the PRO race briefings.

Quick guide

Basic process below. There are more detailed instructions below if you get stuck.

1. Use the Join link in the top-right to create a free Family Membership for use as a parent. We might want to consider renaming this a Parent Membership.

2. While logged in to your Parent account, now use the Join link in the top-right to create a Sailing Membership on behalf of a child. Don't create a Sailing Membership for your parent account. This Sailing Membership is not free and creates an unpaid booking on the backend which we can invoice. Once we have a payment gateway setup we can offer immediate payment.

3. While logged in as Parent, go to the booking section of the Nationals Event (the page your reading now), select a fleet and book a ticket on behalf of your child. As per membership, this is not free so creates an unpaid booking on the backend. Your child is now registered for the event, albeit in an unpaid state. Once a payment gateway is setup, the booking process will require no input from an admin.

4. Parents can now self-manage their account, their children's accounts, boats and find their invoices using the "Profile" link at the top-right.

5. An SCM Admin user can now go to "Sales" and create and then "Allocate" (mark as paid) the invoice for these unpaid bookings. This will become unnecessary once we have a payment gateway setup as invoice generation and allocation on payment is fully automated.

5. To volunteer for a duty - select a day from the "Dates" section at the bottom of this page and hit the volunteer button next to the duty. Some duties are for the whole week while others are for a single day. More details in section below.

Detailed - How To Create Memberships for me and my children ?

1. Create an Account using the parent's details using the "Join" link at top-right or here Join

2. Enter your personal details on page 1. Next in the "Apply to join" section, apply for a "Family Membership" selecting "Me". This family membership costs you nothing and will be auto-approved. You'll be able to link it to child accounts later. On hitting "Apply", you will see a red "nothing_to_invoice" error which can be ignored. This is because the family membership used by parents costs nothing. I'll talk to Jeremy@SCM about getting this bug fixed. You will now have a new Membership application created which has also been auto-approved. SCM Admins could manually approve each of these if we wanted to vet who applied.

You are now logged into to your SCM "profile" so you can self-manage your account. Congratulations.

3. Next, apply for a new "Sailing membership" for each child in your family using the Join link again.

Ensure you select the "someone-else" and enter your child's details along with the "parent of" relationship option.

Select "apply" and you will then be invited to pay for the membership using the "Pay Online Now" button.

You can't settle this at the moment as there are no payment gateways setup, so we'll need an SCM admin to manually create the invoice and allocate it (pay it) so your child's sailing membership is created.

This child account will be linked to your family/parent account. If you need additional parent accounts, an SCM admin can manually link chidren to your accounts so you can book on their behalf. We can create other relationship types beyond parent/child.

4. You can repeat step [3] for each of your children creating a new account linked to your account and a pending membership application.

5. The Sailing membership is now pending and until we have a payment gateway setup, we would need to manually invoiced in SCM Admin. But not paying the child membership straight away doesn't stop you booking your child on to the Nationals.

Detailed - How do I book my children on to the Nationals ?

1. First, make sure you've created the Family membership for yourself, and a sailing membership for each of your children as per above

2. Go to the event page (ie. this page) and select Book for the appropriate fleet.

3. Select your child, enter/select their boat details, etc. and hit "Done".

4. This has created a entry, all without paying anything. Note we can mandate entries are paid for at time of booking on a per event-per-fleet basis, but I've had to disable this due to the lack of a payment gateway while we test it out.

5. If you click "Show Entrants" you'll see that you get the option to "cancel" the booking. This is because it remains unpaid. Quite a nice feature as it means parents can self-manage before they've paid. Once an SCM Admin invoices you and manually allocates your booking, the cancel option is removed.

6. Note your parent/family profile page allows you to see your bookings, manage linked child accounts, manage boats, see invoices, etc

Detailed - How do I volunteer for a duty ?

1. Some duties are for the whole event-group. See "Prize Coordinator" which is for the whole week. Click Volunteer and an admin can accept/deny your request, or we can setup volunteer roles to be auto-approved.

2. Some duties like Event Safety lead can be setup to not accept volunteers. This allows us an SCM Admin to just select someone from the contacts which will notify them.

3. All other duties like RIB Helming have to be setup on a per-event basis, ie. for each day. Simply select a day eg. day 2 and hit the Volunteer button. We can configure roles so multiple people can apply and then allow an SCM Admin to shortlist.

4. Setting up duties is actually pretty easy using the Templates (groups of duties) system that you can apply to events. Make sure the templates are right though as deleting roles once you've added them is a painful RSA-inducing clicking exercise.

5. Tom was concerned about exporting duties, but SCM has a neat export to CSV feature so we can import into excel/google sheets and upload as a doc to the event once finalised.

Last updated 9:36am on 16 July 2021

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